Fitness & Yoga

Fitness and Yoga

The Alaska Rock Gym is proud to introduce two beautiful spaces in our new facility – the fitness & cardio center, and the yoga room. These areas, completely enclosed and on a separate air system, are a fabulous addition to the gym. A complete weight room with lots of cardio options, along with circuit and yoga classes, round out the rockin’ fitness opportunities found at the new facility!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are fitness and yoga classes included in regular gym climbing pass?

Sorry, fitness and yoga classes are paid for by the class, and not included in regular gym membership passes. But both the fitness and yoga rooms are always available to gym users, as long as a class is not in progress.

2. What type of fitness classes do you offer?

Two kinds of classes are held several times per week in the fitness room – a strength and conditioning (S&C) class, and high intensity interval training (H2I). S&C combines powerful moves with conditioning exercises in a circuit based format, typically 5 stations with 3-4 exercises at each station. This class will be altered seasonally for sport specific training. The focus of H2I is on high reps and speed; usually 30 seconds of intense work followed by 15 seconds of rest. While still a circuit based class, H2I features more explosive moves and body weight exercises, repeated to near failure.

3. May I register in advance for a yoga class?

We recommend advance registration for both yoga and fitness classes. Walk-ins are welcome if the class is not sold out.


  • Monday 6AM - 10PM
  • Tuesday 6AM - 10PM
  • Wednesday 6AM - 10PM
  • Thursday 6AM - 10PM
  • Friday 6AM - 10PM
  • Saturday 10AM - 9PM
  • Sunday 10AM - 9PM