Friday Night at the Boulders

Come out and join us for an informal boulder session every Friday night from 7-9pm. Hunter Bullard hosts a two hour session of boulder beta for all levels of climbers. All you need is a day pass and shoes; no charge for the class!

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You Can Be Stronger, Faster & Fitter!


Fitness Classes at the Alaska Rock Gym can get you there fast! Our Strength & Conditioning and High Intensity Interval classes are the perfect solution to keep you at the top of your game this summer!


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Beginning Thursday, Feb 2!

Starting Thursday, Feb 2!  Tues/Thurs 9:30-11:00am  Yoga Tune Up with Kim. Combining elements of yoga, conscious corrective exercise and self-massage, YTU helps tap into the body's own intelligence. 

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  • Monday 6AM - 10PM
  • Tuesday 6AM - 10PM
  • Wednesday 6AM - 10PM
  • Thursday 6AM - 10PM
  • Friday 6AM - 10PM
  • Saturday 10AM - 9PM
  • Sunday 10AM - 9PM